Iqushion GLow-In-The-Dark Transparent Flip-Flops

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Product Details

They've had a glow up! This version of FitFlop's surfer-girl flip-flops glows a dazzling green when it's dark – fun for beach parties/festivals/evenings outside (and functional too thanks to the extra visibility). Underneath, they’re biomechanically engineered with FitFlop's featherlight, pressure-diffusing iQushion™ midsole tech. Made of high-rebound air-foam that retains its cushioning, with heel and ball-of-foot impact pillows, and a contoured arch-curve for natural support when you walk. On top, anatomically shaped straps hold the sandals to you, to help stop toes gripping. Here fashioned from semi-transparent matt rubber, in a fresh lime colour. Perfect to pack for holidays or for chilling at weekends. Come nighttime, there's little chance you'll go unnoticed. Waterproof and slip-resistant. Note: To get them glowing they need to be 'charged up' by the sun: simply leave or wear yours in daylight. For maximum effect wear in pitch black surroundings. (Both the sole and straps are glow-in-the-dark.) Sizing: These iQushion flip-flops fit slightly small. If you fit between sizes, FitFlop recommend you go up in size rather than down.

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